Portuguese-language students earn academic excellence awards

York University’s Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies (LA&PS) has announced Erogu Otasowie and Cassandra Moniz as the 2017-18 recipients of the Portuguese Gives You Wings award, sponsored by Azores Airlines. This award aims to recognize academic excellence in an elementary Portuguese-language course (POR1000). Moniz and Otasowie excelled in Portuguese […]

Student’s response to Pessoa exhibit wins him $100 YU card

Mustafa Paiz, a third-year student studying law and society at York University, won a $100 YU card for submitting his thoughts on “Pessoa Unveiled/Pessoa Desdobrado/Pessoa Dépliée”, an exhibition that ran on campus at Scott Library. The program received numerous contributions from students and Mustafa’s contribution was selected as the most fitting of the criteria. Read […]

Youth Summer Program a Success!

The Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies Program recently launched the 1st Youth Summer Program, designed to immerse high school students, aged 14-18, in the Portuguese-speaking world. This innovative community initiative was a great success. Get a sneak peek and read all about it on the Portuguese Canadian History Project website. Click here.

Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies announces new student award

Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies at York University has partnered with Academia do Bacalhau de Toronto to offer a new student award. With the sponsorship of Academia do Bacalhau de Toronto, the Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies Entrance Award was created and aims at supporting incoming first-year students at York University who declare Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies either as […]