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Portuguese is spoken by over 250 million people worldwide, making it the 4th most widely spoken mother tongue on a global level - see Exhibition "Economic Potential of the Portuguese Language".

Introducing the second edition of our program for youth for Summer 2018 (for all information and registration, click on Youth Summer Program)

What can I do with a degree in Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies?

     Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies Entrance Award.

It is the official language in nine countries. It is the working language of twelve international organizations. It is also the language used by numerous Lusophone communities around the world - Canada, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, Venezuela, Luxemburg  - and in territories like Macau and Goa.

The Portuguese & Luso-Brazilian Studies program will introduce you to the language, literature and culture of Portugal, Brazil and the entire Lusophone world across all continents.

Develop and enrich your command of Portuguese through intensive training in listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is an established and historically rich language, from music to literature, from Humanities to the Sciences.  Portuguese speakers are in demand in a variety of disciplines and in a wide range of fields. If you're interested in switching to a BA in Portuguese and Luso-Brazilian Studies, or adding it as a minor to your Honours BA, just visit Change My Program. Check out our Fall/Winter course offerings!